Mark Gustafson

mark gustafson

Mark is the founder of 900 Kings, a digital marketing agency that turns traditional integrated marketing philosophies into multi-channel digital strategies. Mark's experience stems from his work with household names as well as ma and pa shops across a number of verticals. He's obsessed with all things digital marketing and can be found answering questions on #PPCchat, Online Geniuses, or r/PPC before the sun comes up.

In the rare instance that he’s not doing something digital marketing related, he’s probably working out, hiking, or eating delicious food.

900 Kings

About us

900 Kings is a premier digital agency based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in creating and executing cross-channel strategies that increase profits. We focus on metrics that are as closely tied to profit as possible. Whether you’re scaling a business or trying to run more efficiently at an existing budget, we can deliver. While we work best when we can have our hands in a lot of things, we understand that you may already have a team of channel managers built out. We can present an overall strategy and execute on however many channels you need help with. Help us coordinate with other channel managers so that your marketing efforts are integrated rather than siloed.